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You know how the artsy fartsy hipster types talk about losing themselves when they look at a painting of a whale in labor  or something as absurd, and you’re just sitting there, wondering what they’ve been smoking? Well, now I know what they’re talking about. I don’t know much about art, but I know a masterpiece when I see one, and boy, have I seen one. Picasso and his homies would bow their heads in shame had they seen what I have seen. The second I looked at this  Pièce de résistance, I knew in my bones my life would never be the same again. What is it I talk of, you ask? Meet Fawad Khan, star of upcoming bollywood film, khoobsoorat and the future father of my children.

 fawad gif         

I feel you Sanam Saeed.

“Theres some new pakistani show on TV…looks decent, come watch,” my unsuspecting mother had said, late one evening. If only she had known……. I thrived on those 26 episodes of Zindagi Gulzaar hai. I ate, slept and breathed Fawad Khan. Every night, from 8:00 till 9:00, you would find me sitting in front of the TV, in a pool of my own drool. Fawad Khan is everything I want in a man and more. So much more. He’s sensitive, romantic, well read and inhumanly handsome (don’t ask me how I know these things, I just do.) he has also mastered the art of the 5 o’ clock shadow. For those of you who appreciate a nice, neat stubble, Fawad Khan is the man for you. Too bad he’s mine 3:) muahahahaaha, I could write sonnets about my love for this man, who’s face looks like it’s been sculpted by michelangelo’s  Puppa himself, but I’m going to stop now, wouldn’t want to seem like a psycho stalker or anything…..

Ladies and gentlemen, I have been bitten by the Fawad bug and it hurts so good.

fawad gif 2

keep doing what you’re doing fawad…keep doing what you’re doing.

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